A Long Healing Process

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My is a 12-year-old girl from Peru. In 2015 she was diagnosed with an AML (myeloid leukemia) but she needed advanced treatment which was not available in Peru. Her family turned to NPH for help.

NPHI along with NPH Spain and in particular Marta Garate, arranged several appointments in a Madrid pediatric hospital as well as where to stay. The first days in Madrid they stayed in a volunteer home and once admitted to the hospital, they were housed in the Ronald Mc Donald house near to the hospital. After My was dismissed from the hospital and during the recovery process, an apartment from Caritas was granted, so they can have a family life and are close to the hospital.

My arrived in Spain, accompanied by her mother on November 2015. After exhaustive exams and confirmation of the diagnosis, her father was called to travel to Madrid urgently to be tested, as the only hope to receive the bone marrow transplant. The first transplant was in February 2016 and recently she had another.

While hospitalized My received psychological treatment, classes according to her level in school and many other amenities.

It has been a long journey with many ups and downs and complications. My’s family, despite being constantly accompanied with amazing NPH volunteers, felt sad to be away from their country for such a long time. My will spend a week at summer camp with 30 other kids with cancer in a beautiful place in the south part of Spain. The camp lets children enjoy  activities such as swimming with the dolphins, kayaking and adventure/exploring games. Meanwhile My’s parents will have free time for themselves to rest, to recover energy and enjoy the city of Madrid.

None of this couldn’t be possible without the support and help of an amazing group of volunteers, NPH Spain and Marta Garate. Thank you to all involved in the process for healing My.

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