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NPH Nicaragua children

The Medical Services department of NPHI is a team of international healthcare professionals, who by working directly with the National Directors and local Health Coordinators, support the healthcare staff in assuring the children’s right of access to quality healthcare is met. Our mission is to provide support to the local healthcare staff, while collaborating with interdisciplinary teams within the homes, to provide quality physical and mental holistic care for our children.

Members of the Medical Services team travel periodically to the homes, where they work side-by-side with the local staff, problem solving, improving and maintaining a quality healthcare system. The Medical Services team organizes an annual International Medical Workshop, which is a key element in providing continuing education to the local healthcare staff, and allows us to share knowledge and experiences from our nine homes.

Goals and Objectives

  • Support the local health teams in their mission of optimizing medical care and mental healthcare for the children of NPH
  • Set standards to continuously improve the quality of healthcare provided to our children, through the evaluation and updating of the NPHI Health Policy
  • Promote health and disease prevention through providing assistance with vaccination programs, annual physical exams, early disease detection, nutrition assessments, and accident prevention strategies
  • Assure accuracy of diagnosis and treatments in complicated medical cases, based on international standards, using evidence-based treatments with essential medications and respecting the rational use of medications
  • Assist in arranging treatments and other procedures or surgeries in developed countries (USA or Europe) in the event that a treatment or surgery is not available in the home country
  • Assist in locating funds as well as with the allocation of resources under special or emergent circumstances
  • Provide guidance and continuing education for the local healthcare staff through annual medical workshops

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