Continuing Education for Nurses

During the two last weeks of June, the nurses at NPH Honduras received practical training from Maria Jose Camacho, RN from Spain. Among the topics they were trained in where: burns, animals bits, sutures, intoxication and how to pass a nasogastric tube and bladder catheter. As a matter of fact, during the very same week the nurse on duty had to put into practice one of the skills she learned during to treat an emergency .

All the nurses were very thankful to have this opportunity and they are hoping that it can be repeated again. Continuing education and learning new skills is very important to reach good practices and provide the best healthcare attention to the children in NPH

In the picture you can see how they were trained using sutures with a piece of chicken and how to bandage different parts of the body.

The Honduras and Guatemala homes received training from Maria and last year she also offered training in El Salvador and Nicaragua.

We are very grateful to nurse Maria for her commitment and services to fulfill such a huge need.

Contributed by Pilar Silverman, MD
Executive Director of Medical Services

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