Playing Catch-Up


During my recent visit to Haiti, I was very happy to see how the nurses in the FWAL program are organizing their work despite the daily challenges. After arranging with the Public Health department, some children were able to receive vaccines. Unfortunately not all children who needed them received them, but it is a step forward to have the Public Health department collaborating when they have vaccines in stock. Unfortunately they don’t work with the concept of “catch up” which means when a child has not received any vaccines before arriving at a NPH home and are in need of a basic immunization schedule. Nevertheless, following international protocols, NPH strives to provide vaccines by buying them so that all children can have basic minimum protection against common infectious diseases. Otherwise, the risk of an epidemic could be devastating. During the same week, we also took advantage to deworm and give Vitamin A to all the children before heading home for vacation time. NPHI Medical Services would like to thank nurses Miss Lauren, Delice, Boisrond and Doctor Solange, for doing a great job.

Contributed by Pilar Silverman, MD
Executive Director Medical Services NPHI


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