Nearsighted or Farsighted?


Vision disorders are the most widespread handicap condition in childhood. Poor vision in childhood affects the children’s social and educational development. If children cannot see the board clearly or cannot see the words in a book comfortably, they are not able to keep up with their peers. This adversely has a negative influence on performance in school and on the future of the child.

In April 2013, a vision project was initiative by one of the volunteers.  A comprehensive eye examination was completed for children five years and older. According to the test results, 20 of our children needed vision correction and thus were prescribed glasses.

The first step was complete! Twenty eye glasses had to be made for the children which would normally be quite expensive.

With the help of the NPH International Medical Services, three donors were identified in the United States who were willing to donate the glasses. On June 7th, a group of high school students from United States who had planned to visit our home, brought us the prescription lenses.

Our National Director, Alfredo Hernández handed out the glasses personally to all of the children who were anxiously awaiting. He explained to the children and also to the caregivers the importance of regular use of wearing the glasses and gave the children tips how to clean and care for them.

Since June 8th, the children use their eyeglasses regularly. Some children needed a few days to get used to the glasses, but finally all of them are happy about their new sight!

They can now see the board in the school and relieve their eyes when reading and using the computer.

We are intensely working on improving the health quality standards for our children in Peru. Thanks to our supporters, we could make another step towards this goal.

Hakimeh Yagootkar / Comunication Officer NPH Peru

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