Supporting the surrounding communities in NPH Guatemala

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During a three week trip, a medical team from Spain brought hope to two communities less than an hour from the NPH Guatemala home. What they saw was really surprising for them and also for all of us who accompanied them. The lack of basic human conditions, homes without floors, no water, high incidence of malnutrition, adolescent pregnancies, and scarcity of food, were the most evident problems among the population living in rural areas. One of the patients who was brought to the school were the medical team was set up, was a one year old who weighted approximately 5 Kg. He was absolutely malnourished and dehydrated and with no interaction would have soon died.

NPH is open to serve the needy, surrounding communities, who are abandoned by their local authorities. Guatemala faces a serious challenge among rural and indigenous population where one in two children suffer from chronic malnutrition, over 49%, of children under five years old have stunting and damage in their development for life. Any natural or weather event such as drought makes this population even more vulnerable.


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