Hands Up – World Aids Day

At NPH we currently care for 56 children who are HIV +, 25 female and 31 male.

All incoming NPH children are tested for HIV.


There is no stigma or discrimination; all our children live among others and they are owners of their destiny and to choose to whom and if they disclose or not their condition. They receive emotional and psychological support.

NPH HIV children have access to treatment either available in the country or abroad (through collaboration between NPHI Medical Services and another organization from New York). We make sure they get the medication they need. All children receive follow-up to make sure or prevent any harm from the medication side effects and evolution of the infection.



2,137 children from the community from low-income households attend NPH schools, with about half being girls.
sex_edNPH children receive age appropriate sexual education to make the right decisions. HIV is considered a basic STD.


NPH not only supports HIV children but also supports several patients from the community in need of unreachable ARVs in the country.

Additionally, the NPH Haiti St. Damien Pediatric Hospital has a program for elimination of mother to child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV. Read more at: 

Making an HIV Free Future a Reality in Haiti

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