S.O.S. Haiti -
 Your Help Gets Where it is Needed

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2.1 million Haitians have been affected or are victims of Hurricane Matthew. No shelter, no food, no safe water, and without medical attention. Cholera and other infectious diseases are now on the rise.

Infrastructures and communications were devastated. Repairing bridges and restoring power and telephone lines are priorities to reach people who are still isolated. After a disaster of this magnitude, violence, rape and murders increase with children, women and elderly being the most vulnerable

1.4 million people need immediate help and NPH is on the front line delivering food and water. So far 23,000 kg of rice, 30,000 kg of beans, 5,000 kg of pasta and clean water have been given to the most devastated communities.

Soon we will be able to send the first container from Europe with clothing and medicine, including treatment for cholera and other infectious diseases. More than 11,000 people will get direct help from NPH!

Please consider donating just $35 for a 25 kg bag of rice, beans or corn meal at: https://www.nph.org/emergency


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