Welcome Nurse Julia!

JuliaThe NPH International Medical Services team is proud to announce that Julia Spettel, RN, will be filling the role as Regional Medical Coordinator (RMC) for the NPH homes in Nicaragua and El Salvador. Julia began the RMC position on June 15, 2015 and is originally from Austria, where she worked in pediatric nursing in cardiology and in various pediatric hospitals in infection wards. In 2013, Julia moved to NPH Peru where she spent a year and a half year working in the clinic. She then decided to move to NPH Mexico in January 2015, where she continued her love of nursing at the onsite NPH clinic in Miacatlán.

“What I love most about my job here compared to previous functions in Austria is that I get the chance to spend more time with the children and to have the opportunity to better listen and respond to the their needs. My main focus when working with our children is to take their fear away and to give them the feeling of safety.”

Additional changes to the MS team are as follows…

  • Marta Garate, RN, is now covering NPH Honduras, Guatemala and Peru homes.
  • Corinna Lawrence, MD, is covering NPH Mexico and Bolivia homes.
  • Pilar Silverman, MD, is covering NPH Dominican Republic and Haiti homes. Dr. Pilar also serves as the Director of NPHI Medical Services.


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