April is STD awareness month


STD Training at NPH Dominican Republic

To call attention to the impact of STDs, the month of April is dedicated to STD month

  • Most STD infections have no symptoms
  • Many are treatable and can be cured
  • Young people 15-24 years of age account for half of all STD cases, though they are only 25% of the sexually active population
  • Teens expect their providers to bring up this subject when going to the clinic. According to teens, talking about sex education with an adult, makes a positive difference for them in being more responsible and understanding consequences when acting negligently
  • All adults and adolescents should be tested at least once for HIV
  • Chlamydia and gonorrhea are among the most common STD’s and often don’t show signs or symptoms, yet can lead to irreversible damage
  • Women who are pregnant can become infected with STD’s. STD’s can complicate pregnancy and may have serious effects on both mother and baby. If a women becomes infected while pregnant, the results can be even be life –threatening
  • Health providers can make a difference by educating young people on sexual and reproductive health

Screening for STD’s is part of the NPH health program upon entrance.

You can find valuable information on: http://www.cdc.gov/std

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