Promoting Global Handwashing Day

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October 15th was Global Handwashing Day, and this year NPH Mexico participated along with more than 200 million others worldwide. As the clinic assistant at NPH Mexico, I feel that it is incredibly important to find ways, both big and small, to promote the general health within the home here in Miacatlán. I am always looking for public health projects, and when I found out about Global Handwashing Day, I felt that this was a perfect opportunity to promote a healthier lifestyle for all of the children. I put bars of soap all over the home – in the dining hall, in each dorm, and in the clinic – and I urged all employees to encourage their sections to wash their hands before each meal, as well as each time after using the bathroom. I also had the privilege of going to each section to speak about the importance of handwashing and how much of an impact it can have on health and illness. The clinic was very supportive of this project and generously donated hundreds of hand-sanitizer packages, which allowed me to give each child in the home antibacterial hand gel. Although October 15th has passed, I have high hopes that handwashing will become more and more prevalent here at NPH Mexico as I continue to promote it’s usage, and I can only hope this will lead to a healthier future.

Ilyssa, Clinic Assistant –NPH Mexico Clinic

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