The Importance of Ophthalmologic Screening

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Vision is a complex process and basic for child development and learning. Sight is more than just seeing something, it is also being able to understand what you are seeing.

About 15% of the learning problems are related to vision problem (efficiency and perception).

School activities require children to spend a lot of time using proximal vision. Writing and reading as well as new technologies demand a lot of performance or output from the vision organ.

Vision loss can often be halted or even reversed with early diagnosis and intervention or treatment.

From the age of three students should have a yearly visual screening. They should also should receive information on how to prevent visual and postural problems.

Two ophthalmologists, Dr. Sabine and Cristina, flew all the way from Germany to Haiti carrying suitcases full of state-of-the-art equipment to perform complete eye/vision exams to all the children in FWAL and a portion of the population in St Helene. They also trained one of the nurses to screen and detect near and far vision problems. The result was that 16 children need corrective lenses.

We plan to have this type of project on a regular basis for all the NPH homes.

Pilar Silverman, MD
Medical Director NPHI

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